My foray into fiction for the sake of domestic harmony

Having just blogged about the Empire Air Training Scheme – which was very successful – I’m now making amends for not remembering that my wife’s character in her Belleville novels – Richard Belleville – did exactly that in 1942 – signed up for air training and got shipped to Canada.

Having done the research for her books, my wife – writing as J Mary Masters – was all over the Empire Air Training Scheme role.

The Belleville trilogy

  • Book 1: Julia’s Story   ISBN 9780994327642
  • Book 2: To Love, Honour and Betray  ISBN 9780994327659
  • Book 3: Return to Prior Park   ISBN 9780994327635

is a family saga set in recent history – beginning in WWII and ending in 1960. It spans three continents (Aus/US/England).

She’s had lots of lovely feedback from women readers – the saga is a hit in library circles I understand – and it’s also available on all e-book platforms and on Amazon.

More information click here

Do me a favour please. If you have a woman in your life who loves a bit of romance/love affairs/family secrets and the resultant drama, let them know about these books ….. and help get me off the hook! 

Just joking really. But I did give her a blank look when she asked if I remembered the connection in her books ….

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