New book from MUP: After American Primacy – where will Australia find its next great ‘powerful friend’?


After American Primacy

Imagining the future of Australia’s Defence

By Peter J Dean, Stephan Fruhling, Brendan Taylor (eds.)

Published by Melbourne University Publishing –
RRP $49.99 in paperback | ISBN 9780522874549

This book is part of a series which focuses on outstanding works of research on strategy and warfare with regard to Australia and the region.

The earlier works were Australia’s Defence: Towards a New Era (2014) and Australia’s American Alliance (2016).

The list of contributors is impressive including Kim Beazley (former Minister for Defence), Richard Brabin-Smith (ex Dept of Defence Chief Scientist) and Peter Dean (a specialist in the ANZUS Alliance).

Described as a period as uncertain as the late 1960s, Australia must face the fact that the American dominance we have come to rely on is at an end.

The uncertainty is compounded by the erratic policies of the current US President whose America First mantra is at odds with the ‘rules-based international order’ that now appears to be under real threat.

Against this backdrop, where will Australia find its next great ‘powerful friend’?

Japan’s ageing population and lack of immigration will see its current population shrink by a quarter by 2050, says Brendan Taylor, ruling it out of contention.

Brabin-Smith examines Australia’s dependence on US military intelligence gathering, a role not easily replaced.

And ‘armed neutrality’? The economic sacrifices would be too great, says Peter Dean.

All food for thought in an uncertain strategic future.

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