Life on the Line – Podcast series

Life on the Line podcast host Podcast Alex Lloyd interviewing #50 Alastair Bridges, in Alastair’s home in Canberra

I thought my blog readers might be interested to know about this series of Podcasts, which is now entering season 5 – LIFE ON THE LINE – Australia’s first and leading veterans podcast, from Thistle Productions.

LIFE ON THE LINE is the podcast that tracks down Australian military veterans and records their stories. From World War II to the 21st century, these are the stories of Australian men and women, each of whom put their life on the line for their country. Listen to some of their most popular episodes here, or browse the full list of interviews here.

The vision of LIFE ON THE LINE is to capture the raw human stories behind the broader brushstrokes of history, and to explore service: why people serve, and how a life of service changes them. From acts of valour to the trauma of conflict, and how veterans can grow and change from that trauma, this podcast seeks to discover the human side of war, the truth of battle scars and what it’s like to really put one’s life on the line.

The link below is to the Youtube introduction to the series.


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