Joint by Design: The Evolution of Australian Defence Strategy


Joint by Design

The Evolution of Australian Defence Strategy

By Robbin F Laird

RRP $24.95 in paperback
ISBN 9781098342869

Among other achievements, Robbin Laird is a research fellow at the Canberra-based Williams Foundation. Understanding Laird’s involvement with the Williams Foundation underscores the credibility he brings to this book.

Laird notes that the world is moving back to major power confrontations after years of asymmetrical adjustments to terror threats and rogue regimes.

From the perspectives of Air Marshal (Retired) Geoff Brown (RAAF) down to the perspectives of an Australian F-22 pilot, Robbin Laird’s book focuses on Australia’s updating of defence and security strategy.

From his introduction to the path of change, and clear explanations of the context and the nature of the changes, Robbin Laird leads the discussion of Australia’s strategy that generates a broader response to the challenges posed by today’s superpowers. 

Joint by Design broadens the study to a global level focused on Australia’s national and international joint efforts to face the re-emerging military threats of China and Russia.

He believes the strategic shift from land wars to full spectrum crisis management will require liberal democracies to have forces lethal enough, survivable enough, and agile enough to support full spectrum crisis management.

The book provides an overview of the evolution of Australian defence modernization over the past seven years, and the strategic shift underway.

What is interesting and valuable about this book is how it brings together presentations given at various seminars over the past few years, not just from military thinkers, but from leaders of defence industry which helps it bring into sharp focus the key aspect of ‘… enhanced local industrial support to ADF forces …’.

VERDICT: A ‘must read’ for all those interested in the future of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the importance of industry support for the ADF.

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