Military Aviation at Point Cook


An Interesting Point

A History of Military Aviation at Point Cook (2nd ed)

By Steve Campbell-Wright

Published by Big Sky Publishing
RRP $29.99 in  hard cover | ISBN: 9781922265722

Point Cook, on the shores of Port Phillip, has been the location for a significant number of the country’s aviation ‘firsts’.

By early 1914, Australia had been actively engaged in planning and forming its own flying corps yet no military flying had taken place. Public unrest at the expense of flying training pushed back hangar construction at Point Cook which had already been earmarked as the aviation training school.

It was the advent of war that heightened interest in Point Cook with an ambitious plan to establish a flight of the Australian Flying Corps.

Throughout this book there are fascinating photographs from Point Cook’s early days and the early days of aviation.

After the end of the Great War, Point Cook was to become the centre of Australian military aviation and a vital support to the burgeoning civil aviation industry.

Fast forward through the years and we have the fight to save the base from closure and redevelopment, even to the extent of the amalgamation of names with RAAF Williams being overturned as recently as 2018.

For aviation enthusiasts and for those with a connection to Point Cook, this will be a must-have addition to the family bookshelves.

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