Essential battlefield guide: Anzacs on the Western Front – 100th anniversary edition


Anzacs on the Western Front

The Australian War Memorial Battlefield Guide

100th Anniversary edition

By Peter Pedersen with Chris Roberts
Published by John Wiley & Sons Australia
RRP $39.99 in paperback • ISBN 9780730337393


First published in 2012 this updated edition is described as the definitive guide to the Western Front battlefields and after reviewing Pedersen’s book, I’d have to agree.

Anzacs on the Western Front covers all the major battlefields where Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought and died during World War I.

In addition, this new edition sets out the many interpretive enhancements created on the battlefields to commemorate the centenary of the war.

The guide has also been expanded to embrace the newly created Australian Remembrance Trail which links the sites of the major Australia battlefields.

New Zealand is not forgotten. The NZ Ministry of Culture and Heritage has set up Nga Tapuwae Western Front which consists of ten driving trails that embrace the main New Zealand battlefields.

Pedersen, who was formerly Head of the Research Centre at the Australian War Memorial, has led numerous tours of the Western Front so he knows his topic well. He has included detailed information about each battle and how best to understand what took place, using photographs of the battlefields from the AWM’s archives.

For anyone planning a visit the Western Front, this is an excellent guide and small enough to include in carry-on luggage.

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