The Rag Tag Fleet

The unknown story of the Australian men and boats that helped in the war in the Pacific

By Ian W. Shaw • Published by Hachette Australia

RRP $32.99 in paperback • ISBN 9780733637292

In an operation reminiscent of the little ships of Dunkirk, the Rag Tag Fleet tells the story of how a collection of hundreds of Australian fishing trawlers, boats and schooners played a vital role in transporting essential supplies for the US and Australain forces across the South-East Pacific from mid-1942.


The US Army Small Ships Section operation was the brainchild of two American brothers, Bruce & Sheridan Fahnestock in concert with the Australian boat builder, Jack Savage. Sailing under the US flag, these requisitioned craft were able to operate without appearing to be military vessels. And the flat-bottomed craft were able to operate in waters which were too shallow for other boats. This enabled them to unload stores directly onto the beach for example, when port facilities were not available.

But it was the men commanding and crewing these vessels that were the true heroes. Men aged under 18 or over 50, or those deemed unfit for service in the Australian forces. They frequently ran the gauntlet of Japanese aircraft and ships with many paying the ultimate sacrifice. However it was not until November 2009 that the brave Australians were finally recognised for their service.

Ian Shaw summed it up best when he described his story as “being a book about ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

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