Australia’s American Alliance: New book from MUP

Australia's American Alliance

Australia’s American Alliance

Edited By Peter Dean, Stephan Frühling & Brendan Taylor

Published by Melbourne University Publishing
RRP $59.99 in paperback
ISBN: 9780522868616

This book is specifically designed as a companion volume to Australia’s Defence: Towards a New Era?

The Australia-United States Alliance has been critical to Australian foreign and defence policy since the ANZUS Treaty was signed in 1951.

For 63 years it has been an enduring feature of Australian defence planning, yet the contemporary alliance is, arguably, in one of the more important phases of reinterpretation in its long history.

While the Alliance by its very nature is a bi-lateral relationship, this book focuses on Australian perspectives and policy choices, while providing context on the role of the United States in the Asia-Pacific and its position as a global power.

The list of expert contributors to this book is substantial with familiar names such as Kim Beazley among them.

Donald Trump rates little attention beyond his campaign promise to substantially revise the terms of US alliances if allies do not contribute more to their own defence. In the light of his subsequent election as US president, this book may require revision in the near future as analysts come to understand the full implications for the US/Australia Alliance under a Trump presidency.

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