For the grandchildren: A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy


A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy
By Libby Hathorn; Illustrated by Phil Lesnie
Published by Hachette Australia
RRP $24.99 in hardback
ISBN 9780734416377

How could I resist an offer from the 12 year old daughter of a work colleague to review this book for us? Here is what Rebecca Leonard wrote about this children’s book, published by Hachette.

A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy is a touching story by Libby Hathorn, illustrated in beautiful water colour by Phil Lesnie. This picture book is written entirely in dialogue, and together the illustrations and the words bring to life the moving story of a young soldier, a dog, and an orphan boy.

Set in a World War One battlefield, the Somme, it carefully and lightly touches on the horror and heartbreak of war, while remaining light hearted. This book weaves a story of courage and friendship as the three characters help each other with different problems. The book begins with each needing something, and ends with each being given what they need by the others.

This beautiful book demonstrates the qualities of an ANZAC soldier; courage and mateship, while quietly but plainly showing the tragedies that war bought to France. Not only for children, this touching book will bring the family together as we remember the ANZACs.

Review By Rebecca Leonard, Aged 12, student at Cannon Hill Anglican College, Brisbane

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