Graphic novel: Gallipoli: The Landing

Graphic novel: Gallipoli: The Landing
By Hugh Dolan (words), Mal Gardiner (art)
Published by New South
RRP $19.95 in paperback
ISBN 9781742231570
The first thing you’ll notice about this book is (I think) the change in Hugh Dolan from the Squadron Leader of 2003 to the writer and TV documentary maker of 2014, replete with bow tie and long hair. What a transition! His collaborator on this graphic novel is Mal Gardiner, ex RAN, who is a self taught artist, and a fine one in the tradition of graphic novel artists.

This is obviously a good way to introduce history to a younger audience, especially boys, who might find a text-heavy book less engaging. The benefit of this graphic novel is that, while it follows the fine tradition of action-packed adventure one expects in a comic, it is historically accurate with a bibliography and further resources. A gift for a grandson perhaps?

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