Australians at War: The illustrated history – revised and updated

Australians at War
The illustrated history – revised and updated
By A K Macdougall
Published by The Five Mile Press
RRP $39.95 in hardback ISBN 9781760065065

This latest edition was released late in 2014 and has been expanded to include the latest developments in Iraq and Afghanistan plus a summary of the first conflict involving Australian soldiers – in New Zealand’s Maori wars. The original edition, published in 1991 as Anzacs: Australians at War, was written at a time when Macdougall considered it unlikely Australian forces would ever serve overseas again in numbers! This book has reappeared quite a number of times since that date. This is a nice volume for the bookshelf and very modestly priced. It also came in a limited edition slipcase with The Illustrated History of Australia, also by Macdougall, RRP $49.95. I see the publisher shows the set as being out of stock but Booktopia has it.

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