My Vietnam War: Scarred Forever by Dave Morgan

This book was released in September 2014. It is Dave Morgan’s story yet it is typical of many young men who went to Vietnam and whose lives were never the same again. Unprepared for the war they would fight and for the often hostile public reception on their return, the veterans of this conflict paid a heavy price. After Vietnam and the freedom of ‘home’, Dave tried to live a normal life but the horror he’d experienced finally caught up with him. Towards the back of the book, he records the early deaths of many Vietnam mates. Those that survived ended up on disability pensions scarred forever by their experiences. We now have a name for what he suffered: post traumatic stress disorder. As publisher Denny Neave says, “Dave’s determination that ordinary Australians from all walks of life should understand the trauma of PTSD is not only the mark of true courage; it is a crucial step in our understanding of what is a national issue. We need more Dave Morgan’s and we need to listen to them and care for them — that right at the very least they have well and truly earned.” The sad thing is that we have a new generation of similarly damaged soldiers. Let us hope we have learned something from the past and that help will be more readily available. This is a link to a Q&A with Dave Morgan: Published by Big Sky Publishing ISBN 9781922132772  RRP $29.99 You can buy online from

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