Tomorrow We Escape by Tom Trumble

In the author’s note at the beginning of Tomorrow We Escape, Tom Trumble describes how he came to write this book – he first saw Ian Busst (pronounced Bewst) on the ABC’s televised broadcast of the 2013 Anzac Day Parade in Melbourne. He was immediately hooked by Ian’s story and his insider’s view of combat, imprisonment, escape, adventure and ultimate survival. Through 60 hours of interview, he has pieced together Busst’s extraordinary story.

Equally extraordinary is the fact that Ian Busst spoke at the book launch in July last year. This video can be viewed via this YouTube link:

Tom Trumble’s earlier book Rescue at 2100 hours was well received and widely reviewed. It was also published by Penguin. Tom has spoken widely on military history and writing to a variety of groups.

You can follow his blog here.

This book is available from RRP $29.99. It is also available as an ebook.

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