The Big Book of Australia’s War Stories


The Big Book of Australia’s War Stories

A collection of stories of Australia’s iconic battles, heroes and campaigns from the Boer War to Vietnam

By Jim Haynes

Published by Allen & Unwin
RRP $32.99 in paperback | ISBN 9781760875619

Jim Haynes has chosen to present his collection of stories (and poems) in five parts:

  • Fighting the Boers;
  • Fighting the Kaiser;
  • Fighting the Fuhrer;
  • Fighting the Emperor and
  • Fighting the Communists.

Each part contains stories relevant to that period and cover topics most Australians ‘know happened but don’t really know much about’.

This book is not intended for those readers seeking detailed histories of battles but will satisfy those who are looking for an overview of Australia’s military engagements from Federation to the Vietnam War.

Haynes has included stories associated with such luminaries as ‘Breaker’ Morant, Albert Jacka, Charles Kingsford Smith and Nancy Wake, to name but a few.

The battles of Gallipoli, Beersheba, Tobruk, El Alamein, Kokoda and Long Tan are household names, although Haynes feels their historical significance may have been lost.

Other campaigns covered in this collection are barely remembered today.

As part of our military history, the stories deserve to be retold.


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