The Man Inside – The Cowra Breakout, 75 years on

The Bloodiest Outbreak
75th Anniversary edition
By Graham Apthorpe
Published by Big Sky Publishing

RRP $29.99 in paperback, 296pp
ISBN 9781922265463

LISTEN: ABC Radio interview with Graham Apthorpe

LISTEN: ABC Radio interview with Graham Apthorpe

This book was first published in 2017. Big Sky Publishing re-released this book last year (2019) to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the uprising that became known as the Cowra Breakout resulting in the deaths of 231 Japanese and three Australian guards, an act interpreted as a fanatical an suicidal act designed to regain lost honour. The death toll was more than 20% of the 1,104 Japanese interned at the camp.

And Cowra? It was an event that put this otherwise rural, isolated and insular town on the map.

You can read the original review of the book on this blog at this link

About the author:

Graham Apthorpe (MBA) is a researcher and author and a 30-year resident of Cowra. His first work, the acclaimed A Town at War details how Cowra, site of Australia’s largest POW camp, was more heavily-involved and immersed in the spirit, sacrifice, and values of World War II than any other Australian community. Graham has published a number of articles and has also assisted other authors and researchers with their projects.

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