Take a look at Australian Defence Magazine (ADM), latest issue


Normally, I just blog about military history books and some related titles. However I thought readers might be interested in looking at the magazine where the Books of Interest page resides. Normally, the magazine is monthly except for Dec/Jan, but just at the present, with the Covid-19 uncertainty, the magazine has gone


You’re welcome to explore the website and sign up for the free e-news ADM HEADLINES, if that is of interest – WEBISTE LINK: https://www.australiandefence.com.au

The short video from ForceOrdnance.com currently hosted on the ADM website is worth watching – especially for anyone interested in small arms and the latest training for our soldiers. You can see that link on the right hand side – just one click will take you through to the video.

The magazine focuses on the acquisition of defence capability and the related policy environment. That business world has been very active in recent times.

The value of Australia’s defence industry to the local economy comes as a considerable surprise to many.

ABOUT ADM: The origins of Australian Defence Magazine lay in my 22 years with the Department of Defence. We launched it in 1993, having first started a tender bulletin in 1988, and sold to Yaffa Media in 1997, with a continuing management contract. I retired from active participation in the business in 2017, apart from doing the Books of Interest but my wife Judy Hinz continues to be involved in an advisory and backroom capacity.

For the interest of readers of my military history books blog. – Peter Masters



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