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Military History & Heritage Victoria

Victoria Barracks, Melbourne
Russian Cannons captured by the British Forces during the Crimean War in 1854 on display as memorials at Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, Victoria. [Defence image]
Military History and Heritage (MHHV) is an inclusive forum for those who are passionate about Australian military history and heritage.

Military history and heritage is an important part of Australia’s national story.

MHHV Inc. aims to encourage interest in Australian and especially Victorian military history and heritage in all of its forms; to develop and engage in activities related to its research, preservation, promotion, education and commemoration.

MHHV also aims to promote the interests of its member organisations in the community at large and to promote communication and cooperation within the military history and heritage community.

The organisation maintains a website that acts as a central hub for military history and heritage related organisations, events and activities in Victoria.

For more information, go to

NOTE: While this blog is normally concerned with new releases in the military history genre, with a bias towards Australian military history, occasionally I like to expand my offering to include other items of interest such as relevant events and information about related organisations – for the interest of my readers. – Peter Masters

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