Passchendaele: Requiem for Doomed Youth wins non-fiction award


Click here for book details on the Penguin Random House website.

Publishers Penguin Random House have announced that Paul Ham’s book Passchendaele: Requiem for Doomed Youth has won the Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

In making the award, the judges commented that Passchendaele is both a moving examination of the suffering of individuals within this worldwide catastrophe and a skilful exploration of the large-scale political machinations that created it. In his meticulous description of the events and miscalculations that led to its pointless bloodshed, Ham cleverly and subtly reminds us of the continuing relevance of this long-past battle to government decision-making today.

We offer our congratulations to Paul Ham who has become a significant contributor to the Australian military history oeuvre.

About the Prize

The Douglas Stewart Prize ($40,000) is for a prose work other than a work of fiction. Books including biographies, autobiographies and works of history, philosophy and literary criticism may be nominated provided they display literary qualities. Oral histories are ineligible unless the author claims artistic responsibility for the majority of the text. Books compiled by an editor and/or consisting of contributions of more than four writers are not eligible for the Douglas Stewart Prize. An award will not be given for a work consisting principally of photographs or illustrations unless the text is of substantial length and of sufficient merit in its own right. In such cases, no part of the prize money will be paid to the photographer or illustrator. Nominators should be selective about the works entered into this category. Works must be considered literature.


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