Gimme Shelter: stories of survival from the frontline


Gimme Shelter

Stories of courage, endurance and survival from the frontline

By Paul Field 
Published by Echo Books
RRP $32.99 in paperback
ISBN 9781760404352

Haunted by their experiences at the frontline of conflict, 16 special Australians – including Vietnam veterans, peacekeepers, first responders and relatives – share their deeply personal and often hidden stories of the ultimate struggle – to return to physical and mental health and take their place in civilian life. But the legacy of war is long lasting and difficult to leave behind.

Among them is Paul Stewart, whose brother was one of five journalists killed in Balibo while covering the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, Black Hawk helicopter crash survivor Gary Wilson, and Janny and Hugh Poate, whose son Robert was killed by one of the Afghanistan troops he was mentoring.

For John Bale, a retired army captain who served in Afghanistan where his friend Lieutenant Michael Fussell was killed in an explosion, the aftermath of war service led to him co-founding Soldier On, an organisation that supports those who have served to assist with their physical and mental health.

SOLDIER ON: Royalties earned from the sale of this book are being shared with Soldier On. Soldier On’s mission statement is to work side by side with those who have served and continue to serve our nation, and their families, to help secure their future. For more information go to


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