Traitors – Frank Walker exposes the scale of war crimes that went unpunished

How Australia and its Allies betrayed our Anzacs and let Nazi and Japanese war criminals go free

By Frank Walker
Published by Hachette Australia
RRP $32.99 in paperback • ISBN 9780733637179

New book exposes the extent of unpunished war crimes.

The conduct of the Second World War saw numerous atrocities committed by Germany and Japan – mass murder of civilians, systematic genocide, human experiments, executions of prisoners of war.

Frank Walker describes the scale of war crimes as ‘unimaginable’ and poses the question as to why many of the guilty were allowed to escape justice.

“Why did governments turn a blind eye to war criminals?”

“Why were so many companies allowed to profit from their evil practices?”

In this revealing book, Walker uncovers how the Australian government, in concert with the US and British authorities, betrayed their own soldiers.

Many scientists, doctors, POW commandants and the like from Germany and Japan who should have been charged with war crimes, were either not pursued or were welcomed by the Allied countries for their expertise or to assist in the Cold War against communism.

The case of IBM illustrates how large corporations benefitted financially from dealings with Nazi Germany and actually assisted in implementing their murderous activities. IBM leased punch-card machines to Hitler which sorted the inmates of each concentration camp by religion, nationality etc and then by classification, thereby making it easier for authorities to identify who should be sent to work and who should be sent to the gas chamber.

And in a macabre twist, IBM serviced the machines every two weeks.

A compelling if disquieting book.

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