Badge, Boot, Button: The story of Australian uniforms


Badge, Boot, Button
The story of Australian uniforms

By Craig Wilcox

Published by NLA Publishing
RRP $44.99 in paperback • ISBN 9780642278937

Beautifully illustrated, Badge, Boot, Button traces the evolution of various civilian, corporate, sporting and military uniforms worn in Australia from 1788 through to the present.

Historian, Craig Wilcox, in conjunction with the National Library, has delved deep into the archives to assemble an amazing array of photographs, drawings, posters, postcards and magazines which richly illustrate the changing nature of uniforms.

Our British heritage dictated the first uniforms worn in Australia. The traditional ‘red coats’ were adopted by the Australian Army until common sense prevailed and they were replaced by a uniform more in tune with the new environment. Wilcox also traces the introduction of the slouch hat which was initially seen as resembling a bush hat but eventually won general acceptance.

Nurses, cricketers, surf lifesavers etc, all have been subjected to radical uniform changes. The evolution of tennis uniforms particularly the women’s, has been a revelation clearly illustrating the greater freedom afforded to women in later years. Likewise the uniforms worn by airline flight attendants. When Virgin Australia made the decision to change their business direction, so their uniforms were sharpened to reflect this change.

This is a highly entertaining book with something to capture the interest of the most discerning reader.

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