The Lost Diggers: New edition adds to the story

The Lost Diggers

The Lost Diggers

Fully revised and expanded edition
By Ross Coulthart

Published by Harper Collins
RRP $39.99 in paperback • ISBN 9781460752081

First published in 2012 and now released in paperback, this important book is the result of dogged investigations by Ross Coulthart and his fellow reporters at the Channel 7 Sunday Night public affairs program.

They, along with Peter Burgess, an historian at the AWM, investigated and then located, nearly 4,000 glass negative plates which contained images of Australian, New Zealand, British, Canadian, American, Indian, French and other Allied troops relaxing away from the front.

These intimate images were taken by two French photographers, Louis Thuillier and his wife, Antoinette, in the town of Vignacourt. Located in the Somme Valley region, the town had been designated as one of the main rest areas for Allied soldiers and allowed them a brief respite from the carnage of the Western Front.

Normally, expanded and revised editions merely indicate an updated introduction or similar minor updates but the The Lost Diggers updated edition really does deliver on what it promises.

Since the photographs were first discovered and then viewed by millions on a specially created Facebook page, many families have come forward to identify their loved ones.

So in this revised edition, Coulthart has been able to expand on the original information adding details and stories of the identified men.

This beautiful book is a fitting record of the ‘lost diggers’ from the Great War.

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