Edward on the Somme: Review by Rebecca Leonard

While we are on the subject of the Somme, guest blogger 13 year old Rebecca Leonard has written a very nice piece about a children’s picture book, published by Boolarong Press (Qld).


Edward on the Somme
By Don Munro, Jacquelyn Munro
Published by Boolarong Press
RRP $19.99 in paperback
ISBN 9781925236996

‘Edward on the Somme’ is the true story of Edward Munro, an Australian stretcher-bearer who served on the Somme battlefields.

Written by Don and Jacquelyn Munro, this story is based on the diaries kept by Edward. ‘Edward on the Somme’ reflects on the aspects of Edward’s life in the trenches, from the living conditions, the courage of the soldiers and the tragedies that occurred.

It begins in Australia, following Edward’s journey to France and back again. This heart-touching book contains snapshots into the life of a stretcher-bearer in World War One, and how bravely the soldiers fought to protect a country that wasn’t even their own. It also shows the brief moments of humour and beauty the soldiers encountered on the battlefield and on leave, such as inside the city of Paris and marvelling at France’s different architectural wonders.

Only touching briefly on war’s tragedies, this book is a wonderful introduction to the life of a stretcher-bearer on the Somme battlefields throughout World War One. The illustrations by Magdalena Almero Nocca bring to life Edward’s story, in this picture book perfect for all ages.

Review by Rebecca Leonard
Aged 13
Grade 8 at Cannon Hill Anglican College

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