New book records Australian Army’s customs & traditions


Preserving Our Proud Heritage
The customs and traditions of the Australian Army
By Les Terrett & Stephen Taubert

Published by Big Sky Publishing
RRP $59.99 in hardcover | ISBN 9781925275544

Preserving Our Proud Heritage is a comprehensive and beautifully presented book which details the Australian Army’s customs and traditions developed over the previous 114 years. This massive undertaking was seven years in the making and owes much to the determination and research skills of the authors, in conjunction with the Australian Army History Unit.

The book is divided into 14 chapters, each covering a particular aspect of the Army’s customs and traditions. There are chapters devoted to uniforms and accoutrements; insignia and flags; military funerals; honours and awards and my favourite, Officers’ and Sergeants’ messes customs and etiquette. All are exquisitely illustrated with full-colour images.

The then Chief of Army, LTGEN David Morrison, concluded his foreword to this book by commending it to all who have a professional interest and passion for the Australian Army’s customs and traditions.

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