Commandos … Australia’s WWII heroes

Commandos sm

By Frank Walker
Published by Hachette Australia
RRP $32.99 in paperback
ISBN 9780733631535

Frank Walker’s earlier books – The Tiger Man of Vietnam, Ghost Platoon and Maralinga have all been well received.

In this latest book, he has turned his attention to World War II and the story of the ANZAC soldiers, sailors and airmen who carried out many dangerous and virtually impossible missions behind enemy lines.

We have seen some of these stories told before …. Operation Rimau, for example, and the story of White Mouse Nancy Wake who, by April 1944, was the Allied agent for 7,000 resistance fighters in Central France. Her story is legendary. It is no wonder that, as Walker writes, she was ‘frustrated with the boredom of post war civilian life’.

Included too is the story the dam busters and their raid on the Mohne Dam.

What each story has in common is the determination of those involved to complete their missions. In doing so they all demonstrated incredible bravery and resourcefulness. Many made the ultimate sacrifice but yet they remain a great inspiration to others.

For more about Frank Walker, go to his website

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