Fancy a trip to WA? If you are interested in war memorabilia, the destination just went top of your list!

I was absolutely stunned when I came across this story on the ABC website this morning. Take a look at this collection. The owners John and Kathryn Shapland have amassed an unexpected treasure trove of military artefacts in their Recollections of War private museum, which is located up an unsealed country road on their family farm between Albany and Denmark in Western Australia.

This collection is vast
The collection includes over 3,500 books

There are some really good photos of the collection with the story on the ABC site.

John Shapland began collecting WWII and aviation memorabilia after attending an airshow in his childhood home of Sussex. Visitors find them through word of mouth mostly so I imagine that their visitation numbers are going to rise after this.

Here is the link to the story on the ABC site: pass it along to your like-minded Western Australian friends. I’m sure they’ll be interested.

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