Gallipoli from the Turkish perspective: Broadbent points to ‘the folly of others’


The Turkish Defence
By Harvey Broadbent

Published by Melbourne University Publishing
RRP $89.99 in hardback
ISBN 9780522866643


Defending Gallipoli
The Turkish story
By Harvey Broadbent

Published by Melbourne University Publishing
RRP $32.99 in paperback

DefendingGallipoliISBN 9780522864564

Harvey Broadbent has actually produced two books on the Gallipoli campaign from the Turkish perspective this year.

The publishers, Melbourne University Publishing, have said that Gallipoli: The Turkish Defence, which was released in Feb 2015, is the academic/specialist version of Defending Gallipoli, which is really intended for a broader audience (at a much lower price point).

Harvey Broadbent was interviewed on ABC Radio in March by Eleanor Hall and I have included a link to the page.

There is a short version of the interview and a longer (30 minute) interview that delves into Broadbent’s approach and understanding of the campaign from the Turkish point of view.

In answer to one of Eleanor Hall’s question about who he refers to when he talks of the ‘folly of others’, he does not discriminate between the sides: ‘I’m referring,’ he said, ‘to every person who was responsible for instigating that campaign and carrying it out in a way which led to all those deaths.’

Broadbent has clearly put a tremendous effort into researching and writing these books.

You can listen to the extended interview with Harvey Broadbent on ABC Radio at this link:

The World Today, Eleanor Hall, ABC Radio, 2 March 2015

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