A Greek story that’s not about money and defaults

SabotageDiaries copy

The Sabotage Diaries
By Katherine Barnes
Published by Harper Collins
RRP $29.99 in paperback
ISBN: 9780732298791

With all the current coverage of Greece, I thought this was an appropriate book to blog about today – it’s a story of wartime Greece.

Author Katherine Barnes never met her father-in-law Tom Barnes, who died when her husband was just 2 years old. But his possessions, including his wartime diaries, were treasured by the family, and these eventually passed to her husband. It is this material that Katherine has used to write this story,

Tom Barnes was a New Zealander and a civil engineer by trade. He was one of two New Zealanders in a party of twelve men parachuted behind enemy lines into Greece with the objective to blow up a rail bridge – there were three bridges that were possibilities. Unfortunately through a misunderstanding they were dropped 60 miles away from their target area. The aim was to cut Rommel’s supply lines to North Africa, where the battle of El Alamein was about to begin

Katherine Barnes has taken the unusual step of writing this in the first person, a style she describes as creative non-fiction. It certainly helps bring the story to life.

She was recently interviewed by Steve Price on Radio 2GB – you can listen to this via this link

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