Kokoda Track or Trail? What’s in a name!

To Kokoda 9781922132956

To Kokoda

Australian Army Campaigns Series – 14
By Nick Anderson
Published by Big Sky Publishing
RRP $19.99 in paperback
ISBN:   9781922132956

This book is part of the Australian Army Campaigns Series and is great value for money at just $19.99. As you would expect it contains considerable detail and tackles the thorny question of whether it should be called ‘Trail’ or ‘Track’.

My father, who was one of many Australians soldiers sent to New Guinea in World War II, always referred to it as the Kokoda ‘Track”, a habit I fell into as well.

We will publish a more detailed review of this book in Australian Defence Magazine but it is worth noting that this is the 14th book in the Campaigns Series, which followed a decision in 2004 to promote the study and understanding of military history within the Army and especially among the future generation of military leaders.

For the general reader as well, this is an excellent introduction to the Kokoda campaign. It’s available from www.bigskypublishing.com.au

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