The Great War: 10 Contested Questions


The Great War: 10 Contested Questions
Foreword by Geraldine Doogue
Based on ABC RN’s special broadcast

Published by ABC Books
RRP $27.99 in paperback
ISBN 9780733334177

This book is designed to get you thinking.

Based on ABC RN’s special broadcast and with a foreword by respected journalist Geraldine Doogue, this remarkable book challenges and extends our understanding of The Great War by pondering ten contested questions:

  1. What really caused the war?
  2. Were the generals truly incompetent?
  3. Was the fighting in the Pacific, the Middle East and the Alps a distraction?
  4. Were those who objected traitors to the cause?
  5. How did the medical profession rise to the challenge of so many wounded?
  6. Why do the British ‘war poets’ dominate battle literature?
  7. Did Germany engineer the war for its own territorial ambitions?
  8. Did religion lead us into the conflict?
  9. Could the Powers have survived without the assistance of colonised nations?
  10. How big a part did America and Russia play in Germany’s defeat?

Featuring the views of historian and journalist Paul Ham, Margaret MacMillan from the University of Oxford, Peter Stanley from UNSW, journalist and author, Peter Hitchens and many others, the content of these interviews is also available for purchase from ABC Shops on a USB drive (9 hours of interviews).

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