New Free App: Remembering Them ensures Australia’s war heritage sites close to hand

Remembering Them APP Available for free download
Remembering Them APP
Available for free download
This has just come into my email box and I thought it was worth sharing.
Three years in development, Big Sky Publishing, in partnership with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Australian Army History Unit and App developer Gridstone,  has just released the Remembering Them app .
The app provides a geo-coded list of memorials, museums, war graves and many other Australian sites that commemorate our wartime history and includes a concise history of each site.
The decision to provide the App for free was important in providing users  with the opportunity to explore and discover Australia’s wartime history easily and at no cost.
Project Director Denny Neave said: “I am passionate about our military history and heritage and the idea came to me whilst on holidays driving through Mareeba in Queensland. I saw a number of old World War Two air force hangers and thought it would be great to know a little more about them. Then I thought there must be so much wartime history wouldn’t it be great to have an App that I could click a button and any wartime site within 50km would come up with a short history and direction to that site. As soon as I got home I started work on creating an App that would keep our war time heritage accessible.”
Well done, Denny, for the idea!
It is available free now on iTunes, Google and web.

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