New from Oxford: The War with the Ottoman Empire: Volume II

The War with the Ottoman Empire
The War with the Ottoman Empire

The War with the Ottoman Empire: Volume II
By Jeffrey Grey

Published by Oxford University Press
RRP $59.95 in hardback
ISBN: 9780195576764

Casting around, as I usually do, for something of interest when I blog about a book, I came across this article “Busting the Anzac Myth” in which the author of The War with the Ottoman Empire Jeffrey Grey and other notable historians contemplate the mystifying Australian obsession with the Anzac myth. It’s worth reading so click on the story title to take you to the page.

This of course is something of a diversion from his latest book which examines the involvement of Australians in this part of the Great War, but does so in a wider context in order to more fully understand the real importance of these complex events and Australia’s part in them. The book, as with all Oxford books, is a quality publication illustrated with maps and photographs – some of which have not been published previously

It is part of the Centenary History of Australia and the Great War Series – it’s the second title to be published. Dates for future editions are listed. The first title in the series was Vol 1: Australia and the War in the Air.

Volume 3: The War with Germany – September 2015
Volume 4: The War at Home – October 2015
Volume 5: The Australian Imperial Force – April 2016

The contents of this latest volume are:

  • Rival Empires: 1914
    The Defence of Egypt: 1914–16
    The Dardanelles Landings: 1915
    The Dardanelles to the Evacuation: 1915–16
    Clearing Sinai: 1915–16
    Defeat and Stalemate in Southern Palestine: 1917
    Third Gaza and the Conquest of Jerusalem: 1917
    Defeat of the Ottomans in Palestine and Syria: 1918
    Bibliographic Essay

Jeffrey Grey is a professor of history at UNSW Canberra. The author and editor of many books on Australian and international military history, he sits on a number of scholarly editorial boards in Australia, Britain and the United States.

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