Well done, Don Watson

The Bush Travels in the Heart of Australia
The Bush
Travels in the Heart of Australia

The Bush
Travels in the heart of Australia
By Don Watson
Published by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Books
RRP $45.00 in hardcover
ISBN 9781926428215

Don Watson’s book The Bush: Travels to the Heart of Australia, which was published late last year, has been named overall winner in the annual Indie Book Awards, which are voted on by more than 170 independent bookshops. The book is a personal, historical and sociological account of Australia outside its cities. Watson also won the non-fiction Indie.

It has been widely and enthusiastically reviewed which is not surprising for someone of Watson’s stature as a writer. The environmental damage he catalogues is eye-opening. A good choice for the Indie winner indeed.

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