Revival: Australian Prisoners of War by Patsy Adam Smith


Australian Prisoners of War
By Patsy Adam Smith
Published by The Five Mile Press
RRP $39.95 in hardcover
ISBN 9781760062781

This book was first published in 1992 by Penguin Books. The Five Mile Press has revived this book with republication in late 2014. The author Patsy Adam Smith was an Australian¬†author, historian and servicewoman. She was a prolific writer on a range of subjects covering ‘history, folklore and the preservation of national traditions’, and also wrote her autobiography in two parts. In addition to these autobiographies, her most notable works include The Anzacs (1978), Australian Women at War (1984) and Prisoners of War (1992), which was the earlier title for this new edition. She wrote the book after interviews with many veterans of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. It is good to see this iconic book republished for today‚Äôs readers. It is nicely presented in a suitably retro style. It would make a nice gift. Sadly the author Patsy Adam Smith passed away in 2001. The book is well priced on at the present time.


  1. I’m interested in buying a copy of this book as my father (Eric Roediger) and uncle (Claude Roediger) are two of the POWs interviewed in it.


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