Sights and Sounds of World War I – new website with rare footage


NZ Troops parade in Auckland – World War 1

I thought this sounded interesting – even though it’s not a book.

I received a press release today announcing that a new website exploring the sights and sounds of World War 1 has been produced in partnership by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) and Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision in New Zealand.

A curated selection of hundreds of rare films, songs, recorded interviews, documents and photos from the era have been expertly restored and digitised for the website, titled Anzac: Sights and Sounds of World War I .

New content will be added regularly during the Centenary period (2015 – 2019). Initial highlights now available on Sights and Sounds include:

  • The First Troopships: Departure (1914): Departure of the Australian Imperial Force from Albany, Western Australia.
  • Heroes of Gallipoli (1915): Rare footage of the Gallipoli campaign (loaned from the Australian War Memorial).
  • The Exploits of the Emden (1914/1928): Directed by Ken G Hall, this film combines documentary and dramatised incidents relating to the Sydney-Emden naval battle.
  • Cartoons of the Moment (c1915-1916): Australian sketch artist and caricaturist Harry Julius provides a satirical commentary of World War I.
  • If England Wants a Hand, Well, Here It Is (1915): A song performed by Harrison Latimer.
  • Charity Bazaars in Martin Place (c1916): Fundraising for the war effort in Martin Place, Sydney.
  • The Landing of the Troops in Egypt (c1916): A musical and dramatic recreation aimed to encourage support for the war effort.
  • Mrs Barnard (1965): The gargantuan gingernut-baking efforts to fundraise for the war effort.
  • A range of oral histories from soldiers who served at Gallipoli talking vividly about their experiences, the hardships they faced, as well as some of the lighter moments.


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